Dolat Newpaper

Atlas of old Tehran

Partnership and Support
Various forms of cooperation have been defined to achieve the objectives of the IranNegari (IranGraphy) project, some of which are outlined below.

Documentary Partnership
Individuals and corporations can, for their organizational interests or goals, provide the publication of this collection, while benefiting from the benefits of documentary participation, by providing the image of maps and other documents.

Publishing Contribution
Individuals and corporations can publish this collection for their personal interests or organizational goals with a pre-purchase of 21% to 50% of the volume of each volume being published and the benefits of participation.

Publishing Support
Individuals and legal entities can support the publication of this collection for their organizational interests or goals by pre-purchasing 5% to 20% of the volume of each volume being published and while enjoying the advantages of participation.

Purchase and Donate
There are various libraries and centers in Tehran and other cities, which are not able to purchase or access this collection. Individuals and legal entities can purchase and donate this collection to provide access to users throughout Iran.

Support in the form of Introduction
Introducing this collection to others is a support that helps both the project and others.
Introducing personal, family or document centers and archives at home and abroad is another way of supporting this project.

Documentation workshops
It is not enough to integrate the documents into an Iranian writing project and make it accessible to a wide audience.

Introducing documents and how to use them can help both users and the process of document protection.

So you can participate in these workshops or set up workshops for a group of people.